Laws & Legislation

Laws & Legislation

Highlights of 2017 NYS Office of Victim Services statutory changes that benefit vulnerable victims.

New law related to developing guidelines for identifying & reporting mistreatment

A8258 / S6676 - Guidelines, screening tools, and training materials will be developed for healthcare providers regarding identifying different forms of abuse, appropriate interventions, options for reporting suspected cases, and available resources for older adult victims.

Governor Signs Lupardo/Serino Bill to Protect Older Adults from Abuse

A.8780/S.7188 Signed by Governor, Sept 4, 2014
Allows social worker or informal caregiver to be present and give care to vulnerable elderly person during certain grand jury proceedings.

Legislation introduced in 2014 in response to Task Force recommendations: A.8777/S.7177;  A.8778/S.7179; A.8779/S.7178;  A.8780/S.7188; A8781/S.7187
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